About Bulk URL Opener for Multiple Links or Websites

Urls-opener providing user friendly GUI (graphic user interface) to open unlimited url’s with one click. To open each url really difficult when you are going to perform work in bulk. We specially design this tool for link builders who are bothered by a limited number of url openers and for people who need to open thousands of links daily. You can say these tools as bulk url opener, multiple url opener, web url opener, website url opener.

So, now you no need to worry when you received work in bulk & you can open all urls quickly just through one click. We don't store any of your URL's? Truly, we care about the protection of information as much as you do and our flourishing and authentic practices state that security is of most extreme significance and maneuvered carefully. We don't gather any of your own data. We don't need you to join to send those messages which are of no utilization and immediately go into the rubbish of your post box! We with our publicizing accomplice simply gather the client measurements which help us to ad lib the client experience. Nothing aside from that!

Before proceeding to url opener steps we highly recommended you to read below setting.

Always allow pop-ups from urls-opener.com to open desire quantity of urls.

Simple 3 steps to use url opener

  1. Copy your desire urls with desire quantity.
  2. Paste them into the above box.
  3. Click/hit to “Go Now” button.

NOTE: Opening process based on your browser setting, url opener could be open into every new tab or new window of a browser. So, recommended setting is open in new tabs.

The Number of urls opening depends on your PC performance. As your PC will be with great speed you will see results more quickly.